What We Do

Businesses that use our services can achieve optimum data security and compliance without taking on the costs of new infrastructure and skilled personnel.  Our goal is to offer a simplified IT security management service via a single, integrated, strategic based solution.

Our goal is to lead the Risk Management evolution of businesses while advising through the development and deployment of risk management tools, governance processes, and regulatory standards.

How We Do This

With a strong focus on Risk Management, Compliance, and Audit disciplines that provide risk assessment reporting, advisory services, and contracted professional services.  We work to be instrumental in creating and leading a cross functional risk program to businesses by providing continuous risk intelligence to executive management to inform strategic decision making.  Our reporting metrics provide progressive, valid, and reliable advisement to create and execute strategies to optimize risk positions that match your business strategic planning.

What We Deliver

  • Develop and deploy core Business Risk Management tool sets; including risk assessment, reporting templates, and standard risk monitoring and communication tools.
  • Establishing and maintaining a governance framework that includes both a local risk perspective and escalate critical risk intelligence through executive management.
  • Work with risk owners to complete periodic risk analysis and develop risk documentation and reporting.
  • Lead projects to develop and execute risk optimization strategies for key strategic initiatives.
  • Partner with risk champions to understand drivers of key risks and strategies to address these risks.
  • Collaborate with third-party service providers to understand emerging risks or trends that could impact achievement of business objectives.
  • Partner with business leaders to provide periodic risk education.
  • Maintain the risk inventory and periodically update your business risk profile for discussion with business managers, owners, and stakeholders.

Focused Services

Flexible Consulting and Risk Management service plans that focus on Vulnerability Management, Network Mapping, Asset Inventory, Risk Analysis and Reporting, Progressive Risk Management Tracking, Policy and Compliance Reporting, Information Security Assessment, Information Security Tools Management, Contracted Services Management, Staff Training, Threat Intelligence Reporting, Regulatory Compliance Reporting.